How to support our help to animals


We are volunteers' non-profit organization so any support is always highly appreciated!

What is always needed:

  • financial support

    • in paying the veterinary invoices for procedures and medical treatment (always at top of needs)

    • in buying the food and supplies

    • in paying the room rent and corresponding communal bills

  • cat's food (always a top need)

    • dry food: in general most dry food of moderate or higher quality from pet store (for example, Hills, Royal Canin, Applaws, HiQ etc)

    • canned food: in general any from a pet store (and from supermarket for some of our cats)

    • in general we are happy to get any cat's food (from supermarkets as well) - anything not accepted by cats we have in "shelter" will be used for feeding the feral cats on the streets

  • cat toilet filler (always a top need)

    • the best ones are that lump well and do not make too much dust (small granules, maize, wood)

    • in general any are acceptable

  • temporary homes (including for socializing the cats)

  • paper napkins

  • disinfectants

  • green soap

  • Feliway spray

  • volunteering

    • cleaning and feeding

    • informational support

    • transportation

    • photographing

    • socialization of cats

    • temporary homes

    • etc

  • translations

  • accessories for cats

    • beds, towels, blankets

    • diapers

    • toys

    • scratching pads/posts

    • bowls, trays

  • veterinary assistance

  • veterinary supplies

    • anthelmintic and against external parasites

    • eye wipes

    • saline

    • medical products

    • vitamin supplements

    • supplements for depletion and dehydration

    • etc

  • plastic transportation cages

  • large quarantine cages

  • other various accessories and supplies

Please contact us for clarification if needed!

Donations for supporting the animals help can be done using the following bank details :

Recipient: MTÜ Estonian Pet Rescue Society

Bank account (LHV): EE957700771003758756

Payment explanation: Donation (for example)


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